Why Choose Dr. Marcus?

Dr. Marcus and his staff will be seeing you on every visit with the most individual attention catered to your needs. Dr. Marcus always follows up with his patients after treatment is rendered. Dr. Marcus makes sure that each patient gets the best care possible with great communication. Dr. Marcus schedules his patients one at the time, meaning we value each patient’s time and our focus is solely on you.

2. Your Dentistry is GUARANTEED.
Dental treatment is a partnership. If you do your part, we guarantee our work. This is if you come to your regularly scheduled visits; maintain full body health and oral hygiene. Our work is always to the highest standard of care.

3. You can SAVE MONEY.
We are proactive in treatment, which will save you money down the road. By being proactive, we take care of your dental needs before your dental problem gets out of control. Attention to detail with each patient and keeping up your regular dental appointments will save you money when it comes to your oral health.

Dr. Marcus is always willing to see patients with dental problems We accommodate to our patients needs. Our philosophy is that our patients always come first. Dr. Marcus is always available after hours for his patients if any questions/concerns should arise.

5. You benefit from the LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND METHODS.
We have digital x-rays, which means considerably less exposure to radiation to you as the patient. We have our own method of taking digital x-rays which helps guide the doctor to a more accurate diagnosis. All of our equipment is up to date and we utilize all of the latest technology in our facility.

6. Your dental visit will be ENJOYABLE.
We are friendly and value the therapeutic results of individual care. We always have a free smile for you.

For more information please contact us today. 561-204-2010

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For an appointment call: 561.204.2010

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