Tooth-Colored Restorations
Tooth colored restorations or white fillings are also referred to as composites. Tooth colored filling material comes in a great number of shades. The shades are matched to your individual tooth color. The materials used for front teeth have a high shine; where as, the materials for back teeth are designed for strength — both look great!

Tooth colored fillings are now stronger and more comparable to silver/amalgam restorations. A small filling could last a lifetime, and larger fillings can be expected to last many years. The factors that determine the lifespan of a particular filling include: the tooth, the size of the filling relative to the tooth (smaller fillings will usually be more durable than larger fillings) and your daily oral hygiene.

A new filling should feel natural, like your own teeth. After the anesthesia has worn away and you can feel your teeth and bite again, you should not notice anything particularly different. It should be smooth and comfortable. There is a period of time were you might feel some sensitivity to temperature after the restoration is placed. It is temporarily as with any other restorations when they are first placed on teeth.

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