Surgical Extractions
Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they are broken down, are unrestorable or because they have not erupted fully. In a surgical extraction the doctor may elevate the gum covering the tooth and bone and may also remove some of the overlying and/or surrounding bone tissue with a drill. Frequently, the tooth may be split into multiple pieces to facilitate its removal. Surgical extractions are usually performed under local anesthetic.

Following the extraction of a tooth, a blood clot has to form in the socket. It usually happens within an hour after the tooth is pulled. Bleeding is common in this first hour, but its likelihood decreases quickly as time passes. The raw open wound overlying the dental socket takes about 1 week to heal. Thereafter, the socket will gradually fill in with soft gum tissue and bone over a period of time. Final closure of the socket with bony remodeling can take three months or more. It is very important to take post-op instructions seriously after you had an extraction.

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