Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges
It wasn't long ago that metal based crowns and bridges were the accepted standard of care in dentistry. Now however, we enjoy the esthetics and dependability of super-strong, medical quality ceramics, for our modern dental restorations. With modern procedures we can get a natural luminescent quality that allows light and color to come through like no metal based crown and bridge ever could. Advanced CAD/CAM technology ensures that you receive a great fitting restoration every time.

Although no dental restoration lasts forever, the average lifespan of a crown is around 10 years. While this is considered comparatively favorable to direct restorations, they can actually last up to the life of the patient (50 years or more) with proper care. One reason why a 10 year mark is given is because a dentist can usually provide patients with this number and be confident that a crown that the dental lab makes will last at least this long.

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